CIR No.13 CGP-Some of the WEGs who have failed to demonstrate their CGP status- As per the directions of the TNERC the Cross Subsidy Amount claimed by the TANGEDCO was set off in the encashment amount
Cir No.15 TANTRANSCO files True Up Petition for approval of ARR for 2021-22 before the Commission for approval in M.P. No. 20 of 2024-Petition copy now webhosted for comments-Regarding..pdf
Cir No.14 Raising of Invoices for 75% encashment for Unutilised Banked Units as on 31.03.2024 for WEGs not completed 20 years -Regarding..pdf
Cir No.12 Applicability of GST on certain charges collected by TANGEDCO- Tamil Nadu AAR clarifies the matter - Regarding..pdf
Cir No.10 TANGEDCO files True Up Petition for approval of ARR for 2022-23-Webhosted for comments-Regarding..pdf
Cir No.09 TANGEDCO again attempts to levy the Additional Surcharge of Re.0.34 Unit in addition to the CSS of Rs. 1.86 Unit-Petition filed by the CFC-Regulatory Cell,.pdf
Circular No.8 Levy of Deviation Settlement Charges (DSM) with effect from 01.04.2024 onwards-Regarding..pdf
Cir No.05 Request to send Letter to SE with regard to 20 years completed WEGs-Adjustment of the Energy generated by the 20 years completed WEG with the facility of banking to continue for 2024-25 also
Cir No.04 QCA Registration for Wind power- Leap Green Energy - Single QCA for the entire State - Additional Documents to be submitted.pdf