Total TN Generation: 212.21MU
Total TN Consumption: 211.77MU

About TECA


Tamil Nadu Electricity Consumers Association (TECA) is a representative body of Electricity Industrial Consumers in Tamil Nadu.

Government of India enacted of the Electricity Regulatory Commissions Act, 1998 (14 of 1998) in the year 1998. This Act mandated the setting up regulatory commissions at the state and central levels and transferred the decision making authority relating to the supply and pricing of electricity to them from the governments. Under the provisions of this Act, the Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission was constituted to deal with these matters in Tamil Nadu.

A group of industrial consumers of electricity at Coimbatore deliberated these developments and concluded that a separate trade body focusing its entire attention and efforts on matters relating to electricity had become necessary. Accordingly TECA was incorporated as Section 25 Company under the Companies Act, 1956 in 1998 and started functioning from Coimbatore (Regd.No.181-8524/1998).

Subsequently, on the passing of the Electricity Act, 2003 (Act ) by the Parliament; the role of TECA has become more important.

Membership of TECA

TECA represents consumers from all over Tamil Nadu, from a variety of consumers, though mostly from industry. Large, medium and small industries are among its members. Among its members are those in Textiles, Engineering, Chemicals and Fertilisers, Pharmaceuticals, Automobiles and Auto-Components, Building Materials, and so on. The total membership as on 30-11-2013 was 628, accounting for a sanctioned load of 901 MW, about 10% of the HT Load in Tamil Nadu

Objectives and Functions of TECA

  • To promote the optimal use of electricity and its conservation.
  • To work for the increase in the quantity, quality and reliability of electric supply.
  • To study the costs of supply of electricity and strive for a fair and equitable pricing.
  • To promote the welfare and safeguard the rights and interests of its members
  • To collect and circulate statistics, books, formulas data and other information of interest to the consumers with regard to electricity.
  • To create awareness among the members about the measures and policies impacting them.
  • To represent the views of our members to the statutory bodies, Government of Tamil Nadu and Government of India.
  • To attend and represent members’ problems with TANGEDCO and TANTRANSCO.
  • To take up the issues, if required, with Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission, Appellate Tribunal for Electricity, and at the Courts of Law

Seminar & Technical Discussions

TECA has organized a number of meetings at Coimbatore and elsewhere on matters of interest to it members and general public.

Experts Panel

TECA has empanelled a group of experts in the subject of electricity to advise it on issues of importance to its members. The panel consists of professionals in the matter of production and distribution of electricity, lawyers, financial experts, cost accountants and so on. The members of TECA who have long experience also provide assistance

Activities of TECA

  • Representing to the Government of India, Government of Tamil Nadu, TNEB and TNERC in all matters connected with the Electric power supply and the Electrical Inspectorate.
  • Attending the Public Grievance Meetings conducted by the Regional Chief Engineers, TANGEDCO once in three months.
  • Filing with TNERC the views of its members on various issues raised by it.
  • Making representations to TNERC on tariff revision and other related matters periodically.
  • Studying the matters that are decided in the regulatory commissions of other states and at the Appellate
  • Tribunal for Electricity which have a relevance to TECA’s members.
  • Publication of the periodical TECA Newsletter


When all its other efforts to safeguard it members’ interest fail, TECA has been taking legal recourse. It has litigations at the TNERC, APTEL, Madras High Court, and Supreme Court of India on various issues related to electricity. A few of the matters dealt in them are:

  • TNERC – Tariff orders dated 15-03-2003 and 30-07-2010.
  • Electricity Tax on Self Generated Power and Demand Charges.
  • Additional Security Deposit for consumption charges.
  • TANGEDCO’s levy of extra charges on exceeding peak hour quota.
  • TANGEDCO’s proposal of fixing of quota in Restriction and Control Measures.
  • Withdrawal of power factor Incentives.
  • TANGEDCO’s collection of Cross Subsidy Surcharges on Open Access Power.
  • TANGEDCO’s proposals for imposition of Restriction & Control Measures.
  • Equitable distribution of power among all regions in Tamil Nadu.
  • TNERC’s Solar Power Obligation Order.

TECA has been constantly working to safeguard the interests of the consumers by enlightening them on issues related to electricity and championing their interests. In the future too, true to its objectives, TECA hopes to make a significant contribution to the electricity consumers, and in turn, to the society at large.

We look forward your active participation in all our activities.

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