Total TN Generation: 212.21MU
Total TN Consumption: 211.77MU


a) The applicant has to select the type of application and fill in the required details as per the type, say new service/ load addition/ load reduction, with other details such as name, address, mobile no., e-mail id etc..
b) The applicant has to submit the application and additional forms as the case may be as per the provisions in the TNE Distribution Code after filling up the details over web along with uploaded supporting documents.
c) In case of special buildings, multi-storied buildings, industrial, commercial buildings and other category of services (such as educational institutions, etc.) except the domestic category , the hard copies of the signed application and self certified documents shall be obtained before effecting supply.
d) No hard copies of the application with hard copies of documents need be submitted (by the applicant) for service connection to Domestic applications except those covered under point no.3. The online application can be treated as signed copy and no need for a separate signed copy and the online application shall be treated as the Agreement.
e) The completion certificate to the special and multi-storied buildings in the CMDA jurisdiction shall be obtained before effecting service connection.
f) The OTR/RTR forms are available in the online and the applicant in respect of Domestic category except those covered in the point no.3 shall fill the required details in the OTR/RTR and upload the same through web portal. Click here to download OTR for and undertaking OTR form and Undertaking-Download
g) On submitting the application, the ‘Acknowledgement cum Demand Notice for Registration Fee’ would be generated along with the ‘Application Reference Number’ Web links to print the submitted application form and ‘Acknowledgement cum Demand Notice for Registration Fee’ would be provided in the portal.
For filing online Clickhere

SG Pneumatics is ready to conduct field trials to show energy savings in their equipment.

Department is ready to energize consumer provided transformer. The valve of transformer may be adjusted in future CC bills by providing purchase bill

Power factor penalty can be avoided by connecting capacitors at the motor/Consumption end (Banking in the distribution DB would lead to lead PF if not sufficient load is connected) or by using Automatic power factor controllers may also be deployed to maintain power factor.

Wind generation data is being merged with HT consumers database which would enable the billing database to pull the data easily from the server. In period of 6 months, the data migration and merging would be completed.

Advance Current Consumption Charges made by LT consumers will fetch interest. There is less awareness about such scheme, though this information is displayed in all EB offices. Consumers who are making ACC are eligible for interest. HT consumers who are desirous of making advance CC Charges may contact concerned SE’s. The procedure for advance HT CC charges is being worked upon and the same may be available in coming months. An advance CC charge is optional.

Currently, there is no proposal for any R&C measures. Currently adequate supply of power is available.

Service connections for new LT connections or additional load will be given within 15 days of registration (in cases where there is no is involvement of transformer, pole erection or development work). In few cases we have given connections within 24 hours as well. TANGEDCO is keen in serving more consumers and ready to increase service connections. This also applies to HT consumers too. Those HT consumers who want additional power are welcome to register online.

Contract Carriage facility is introduced at TANGEDCO for carriage of meters, poles, structures, transformers etc. Earlier line staff had to carry intends to department stores to receive material. This has been avoided now and contract carriage is introduced for faster movement of goods.

There was unexpected few breakdowns in supply due to gusty winds and rains. Line staff had worked night and day to restore supply. There was lot of difficulties as it was raining and failure of insulators was more. Identifying a failed insulator at darkness had been a task, however calls were promptly attended and supply restored at shortest time.

Dedicated whatsapp number is allotted for lodging complaints, fuse calls, grievances etc. Fuse Calls may be attended immediately. Erode region was first to introduce whatsapp complaint in the state. Such facility is now available across the state with whatsapp numbers posted at TANGEDCO website. Till now about 1900 issues informed through whatsapp had been resolved. As complaints are received with pictures and videos, it is easy for line staff to carry required tools and spares to attend breakdown.

In Erode region, 10% LT bill payments are currently received online. CE encouraged public to utilize online payment facility as it may be convenient to consumer as well as department. There is less awareness among consumers for online payment.

The Demand Charges is 350 per KVA

No. Except HT 1V Tariff Consumers

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