Total TN Generation: 212.21MU
Total TN Consumption: 211.77MU

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Appeal to become as a member of TECA

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There are number of Industrial Associations in our state, both District level and State level, to represent members problems from different areas like Sales Tax, Central Excise, Environment, Factory Act etc. But Tamilnadu Electricity Consumers Associations (TECA) is the one Association which deals and represents matters related to only Electricity.

TECA is a legally constituted state level body and is registered with Registrar of Companies and is functioning from the year 1998. The affairs of TECA is being managed by a Managing Committee elected by its members. Prof. D.S. Hanumantha Rao, former Member TNERC and Mr.D.Kumaravelu, former Chief Engineer Projects/Distribution are offering technical guidance and assistance to TECA and to its Members.

Small, Medium and Large industries throughout the state have become members of TECA and to name a few are

  1. Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd, Coimbatore
  2. The Madras Aluminium Company Ltd, Mettur
  3. TVS, Madurai
  4. DCW Ltd, Tutucorin
  5. Wheels India Ltd, Chennai
  6. SPIC, Tutucorin
  7. MRF Ltd, Chennai
  8. MEPCO, Madurai
  9. Dalmia Cements, Trichy
  10. Brakes India Ltd, Vellore
  11. Pricol, Coimbatore
  12. Asian Paints, Cuddalore


TECA will strive

  1. To promote the optimal use of electricity and its conservation.
  2. To study the costs of supply of electricity and strive for a fair and equitable pricing for it.
  3. To work for the increase in the quality and reliability of electricity supply.
  4. To promote the welfare and safeguard the rights and impacts of its members
  5. To collect and circulate statistics, bools, formulas, data and other information of interest to the consumers with regard to Electricity.
    Functions of TECA

Functions of TECA

  1. To create awareness among our members about the measures and policies impacting them in electricity
  2. To represent the views of our members to the statutory bodies.
  3. To represent members problems in the Regional Grievance Meetings of TNEB in all the regions.
  4. To take up the issues if required at the Court of law.

Seminar & Technical Discussions

TECA is organizing Seminar and Technical Meetings and discussions for better interaction among members in different parts of the state on the subject of Electricity, usage and difficulties.

Government of India has passed ‘Electricity Act 2003’ which is protecting the interest of Electricity Consumers and to throw more light on, this TECA conducted Seminars on “Electricity Act 2003” and its impact on Consumers at Madurai, Chennai and Coimbatore

Representations to TNERC

TECA has submitted its objections to Tamilnadu Electricity Regulatory Commission on Tariff revision as well as on TNEBs recent proposal on the Proposed miscellaneous charges, Draft of Distribution and Supply Code.

Writ Petitions at Court of Law

TECA has filed Writ Petitions at the Supreme Court of India and Madras High Court on various issues of Electricity like

  1. TNERC – Tariff order dated 15-03-2003
  2. Levy of Electricity Tax
  3. Levy of Peak Hour charges etc.
    Madras High Court has stayed levy of Electricity Tax to members of TECA.

Actions Initiated

  1. Proposed to attend the Public grievance meetings in all the regions of TNEB conducted by the regional Chief Engineers once in three months.
  2. Action being taken to become a member in the State Advisory Committee of TNERC
  3. To study the functions of other State Electricity Boards and to advise suitably.

TECA is also representing to the Government of Tamil Nadu, TNEB and TNERC in all matters connected with the Electric power supply and the Electrical Inspectorate.

In short TECA will contribute in a positive manner to the problems arising in its members industries and will strive to get solutions

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